I am an Ashtray

by Fool's Hill

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released June 10, 2014

Reuben Jasinski: Guitar/ Vox/ Washboard
Isaac Coyote: Guitar/ Uke/ Bass/ Vox
Kelly Fox: Violin



all rights reserved


Fool's Hill Tacoma, Washington

Reuben: guitar n singin

just makin our way

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Track Name: I am an Ashtray
I'm fucked and everyone knows it
and I just can't contain it
and I can't stop my chaos from spillin out

I don't want to hear you sympathize
I know what you are thinking
There's no like left in these blood shot eyes of mine
So everyone look out below
cuz I'll self destruct and forget everything
that I know

975 or ten day
and they don't fuckin care unless we pay
and they sure as fuck don't care if we got a place to stay

And I just want to destroy everything
that I can see I hope it goes
down in flames anxiety and depression run through my veins
Flawed logic handed down generations
Must undo this while I still can
While yer dreamin of heaven after death
I'm tryin to build one right fuckin now

So save yer breath my friend Don't pray for me
Track Name: Pin Drop
I'm on the bottom just waitin for a pin drop anything will count
countin on the days oh the days when the weekends don't stop
time is freakin me out
Track Name: Busking in Solidarity
Spent a decade brainwashed by 90's TV bein told
Be all that you can be
So I caved and I gave into the system
They put a gun in my hand and sent me to a foreign land

They said we must help these people understand
that it feels so good to be American
And if they don't then we must put them down to protect our land
for your mom and dad but most importantly for uncle same

When I came back nothin made fuckin sense all I saw
was privilege and ignorance
Now I'm confused built my life on mistrust and abuse
Long trusted friends turned their backs
and became dissociates
No one gives a shit if ya live once you become a dumpster kid

I don't get how people are proud of where they're from
like they had somthin to do with it
Fuck yer flags n fences I truly don't give a shit
It's just yer national pride is makin me fuckin sick

I hope I get to live and see the Red and Black hang the noose for the Red White and the Blue
Track Name: Brother of Mine
I learned somthin new today listen to what I have to say
you're never gunna listen to me anyways that's just the way this family was raised

Your feelings aren't objective truths they're lies you cling to from your youth
why can't you see this so called good doesn't care about your happiness they're in it for the money

Brother of mine there's much to learn from what our eyes can see all you must do is look between
Search and you'll find the answer to the riddles of our minds what is this life what does it mean

What will you do when religion falls through jus when you realize gods abandoned you can you see how worrying about nothing never really even made ya happy

Not to fear jus look at me chose long ago not to believe
the sun still shines I got air to breath yeah it's ok to sin and not feel guilty

Sister of mine there's much to learn from what our eyes can see all you must do is look between
Search and you'll find the answer to the riddles of our minds what is this life what does it mean
Track Name: Obligatory Party Song
We can smoke smoke smoke smoke smoke till we're no longer high
or we can drink drink drink drink drink till we fuckin die
well what do we got to loose we shouldn't have to choose so roll that blunt and pass that bottle of booze